September 14, 2018

Forex Signals Reviews | Testimonials

Testimonials are updated monthly from our Live Subscribers!

forex signal testimonials

Been using FxSignals for a few months now and im very impressed!

Hassan Albasher

Great Signals from FxPremiere Group. Im happy with the comdol pairs.

Rhyran Fachrianto

3 months using FxPremiere Signals and i can say very professional

Emrin Ahmedov

I like the eurusd signals as they are helping me greatly.


FxPremiere i am happy with 4 months service now. also im learning from fx guides.


i thank you for your signals as now i use for 4 months and i am learning lots.

Yusuf Közbek

wel im not happy after 1 week of using signals as you only send 4 signals a session.

Mohammad Bataineh

great way to trade on the go with sms signals in Ohio, thanks FxSignals!

Ema Arnold

From Kuwait the signals come 2 months slow but its ok i thankyou for the service . 3 weeks in.

Hussam Amin

China the time of signals arrive perfect for me . thankyou

Joseph Liew

I am from Bahrain, i tried several signals and i admit fxpremiere signals seem to be v good considering cheap price

Adel AlAboud

i like the EURUSD and USDCHF opposite pair signal thing going on.

Scott Green

Hong Kong based. now i see you also send exotic pairs and so im happy so far after 2 months membership.

Kok Choy Ng

I made 500 dollars this week on EURUSD trades thanks

Kwanyee Chan

Very professional and happy with the recommended broker

Murat Baycan

Poland based. Signals come nice and early and i see 30 pips daily on pairs roughly. thanks

Pavel Kozlik

£450 account now £1126 thanks :))

Clarence James

Trades come in on time and i prefer the session 2 signals as always more!

Sedat Horozoglu

Excellent really Excellent i love the free learning guides too

Bernice Russo

Joining FxSignals was a bit skeptical but the are genuine, great customer support too

Stewart Wild

I do understand forex well. i can see your comdol pair system works well :))

Vadim Kijanin

Nice Signals services. SMS works better as email sometimes 5 minutes delay

Nagender Kumar

bonjour, tres bien signal forex.


Signals service work well with your recommended broker

Ian Gillians

Always fussy with signals. your signals are good but only 6 per day

Jacques botha

satisfied with level of pips aimed for here.

Raymond Westlake

Scandinavian based and signals come similar to EU time. I trade the comdols you send and i can say they are working good.

Arne Ekeberg

Signals work and i close after 1 hour max . 🙂

Khaled Alshikh Awad

Great work guys at FxPremiere Group. Your signals are good even if your only 11 people!!!

Peter Balassa

Trading EURUSD now for 5 years, your signals help me know if its actually going in that direction. :))

Augustino Nguyen
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